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Straw 6x210mm - 250 Pcs
Straw 6x210mm - 250 Pcs

Straw 6x210mm - 250 Pcs

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100% home compostable
Non-toxic, 0% chemical migration
Permanently non soggy
Permanently water proof
Superb puncture strength (ideal for beverages in sealed cups)
Natural coloration in ivory white
Suitable for both cold and hot beverages

Straight straws 6mm x 210mm

Code STW6210

Price stated here is for 250 Pcs individually wrapped straws.

In line with being eco-friendly, our 250 pieces bags come in plain clear packaging and are not packed in smaller quantities within. 

Items are packed according to weight and there could be discrepancies in the number of pieces of ±3%. 

Price is inclusive of GST.

Cartons of 2500 pieces are available for bulk purchase. Contact us for details.