There are a growing number of companies who peddles fake bioplastics. Such replicas are in actual fact petroleum-based plastic. Some are priced a bit higher on purpose to create the “impression” of it being eco friendly. This is known as green washing and it is considered fraud.

To ensure you are truly helping our environment and avoid being “green-washed”, you should:

  • Read up on the history and credibility of the 3rdparty test accreditation body,
  • Check the supplier’s certification serial numbers against the accreditation body’s online database or contact the accreditor accordingly to verify the authenticity of the test accreditation,
  • Conduct Quick Checks*, refer to our Anti Greenwashing Quick Tests for details, during sampling,
  • Conduct periodic and random tests on the products after purchase if need be.


OOSH eco tableware is categorised into generations, each surpassing the previous in terms of eco friendliness.



Bio-based avg content of 40%

(coming soon)

Food Contact Safe

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(coming soon)

If you are a potential customer or a relevant authority, please email us we will be happy to provide all the necessary information for your due diligence.

Anti-GreenWashing Quick Checks

Sink Test Gen 1

*Disclaimer on Quick Checks: Serves as a general guide only with the need for further laboratory checks to be definitive.