Proposal for a Circular Economy

Governments can support the biobased bioplastic industry in a circular economy by having the following ordinances in place:

  • Taxation on petroleum based plastic packaging.
  • Encourage food donations.
  • Subsidies to encourage the usage of biobased bioplastics.
  • Incentives for businesses and households to compost.
  • Construction of home composting facilities and legislating the measures for collection.
  • Construction of bioplastics recycling facilities to promote a truly low carbon circular economy.
  • Mandatory sorting of waste for recyclables, compostables, landfills and incinerators at the household level.
  • Enforcing stricter laws on littering and pollution

The above measures will :

  1. Contribute a share in the reduction of global warming.
  2. Not limit our need for packaging, especially so in a pandemic.
  3. Fuel the scientific community’s development for the next better biobased polymer.
  4. Arrest the bane of pollution once and for all, since biobased bioplastics will biodegrade in due course even if they are carelessly littered, be it on land or in the oceans.
  5. Vast amounts of waste will be diverted from landfills and incinerators for a new lease of life.